Happy Tails

Ashley & Lily

After being pulled out of another training facility SNS had their work cut out. Lily, a Argentine Dogo needed the leadership to step into her role as a service dog to assist Ashley with her extensive medical needs. 

Dawn & dillon

Dillon had never been loved and was afraid of everything. SNS helped Dawn work to rehab him, which saved his life. 

Joanne & Cricket

Joanne’s work at Sit N’ Stay took Cricket from a rambunctious Labrador whose energy was hard to handle to an obedient well mannered part of the family everyone enjoys hanging out with.  

Emily & Dori

Dori would have been euthanized due to her aggression problems, but thanks to a vet referral Emily found SNS and they created a training plan that completely rehabbed Dori into a well balanced, great companion. 

Angela & Myrrah

Angela works with many rescue dogs and often fosters dogs too. We’ve worked with Angela on several occasions saving lives of dogs that would be deemed not adoptable or worse- euthanized. This is her story with Myrrah and success at SNS. 

Larry & Scooby

Scooby was an aggressive male dog, but through his training with SNS, Larry learned how to communicate with Scooby. He has become the positive leader Scooby needed to begin living a more balanced obedient life. 

What our clients say

Clarke helped me take my great dane from an aggressive animal I thought I was going to have to put down, to a well-mannered family pet. I am grateful for their training techniques. This was a last resort for me. Every other trainer I had been to had failed me.
Hilary Leigh
Dog: Leo
I've trained three of my dogs with Clarke and the Sit N' Stay family over the last 10 years. They've helped me raise up calm, pleasant family dogs that everyone loves to be around. Between the different group classes and getting to interact with other clients who care for the well-being of their dogs, it's hands down the best training facility around.
Dog: Jodi, Jack, & Tank
The trainers at SNS helped me take control of my rambunctious yorkie. He was terrible on walks, jumped all over people, and was overly excited all the time. He is now in training to become my service dog, since he's had so much success
Quintin Angus
Dog: Rex
I trained my first dog using treats and it was a complete failure. I could never trust him if I didn't have food in hand. My dad recommended SNS for my new puppy and it has been one of the most gratifying experiences watching him learn, evolve and connect with me through the communication techniques taught at SNS
Dog: Tyse

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