Basic Obedience

In The Beginning

It’s important to lay the foundation, break habits, and begin a fresh routine. Based on your evaluation and assessment, SNS will determine a length of time that is appropriate for your fur-family to begin working daily on basic obedience at our facility. Basic commands will be taught; sit, stay, come, back, down, off, etc. 

Training You

One of the most important steps in your journey towards becoming a leader for your dog is learning the proper handling and communication techniques. Once your dog goes through the basics with us, we must train you! One of our lead trainers will teach you how to give meaningful corrections, and communicate in new ways so your dog understands exactly what you are asking of them. It is their mission in life to please you, but you must guide them in a way that they understand.

Continuing Education

Once you and your canine have completed the foundation of your training, it’s time for you to step into your new leadership role. Repetition and consistency is how you will succeed in your dog’s training. We provide you with a road map for continuing to train at home. Also, we highly encourage our clients to take part in group classes. We offer classes on a weekly basis for all levels. You can expect to meet like-minded dog lovers, while practicing a variety of exercises to challenge you and your pup. 

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