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Dogs are quite often used in therapy. Inghram’s Sit ‘N Stay Dog Academy trains dogs to be friendly, patient, confident, gentle and at ease in all situations. We teach them to enjoy human contact and be content to be petted and handled, sometimes clumsily.

We know when a dog walks into a room, it changes the energy. A dog will make people stop and smile, and this helps people think about things other than the challenges they may be facing. This can be helpful to people in many circumstances, whether it be dealing with illness or injury. Animals have been shown to help alleviate pain, lower blood pressure, and improve healing. Therapy dogs and their handlers create a caring atmosphere just by showing up for visits.

Our therapy dogs’ goal is to offer comfort and companionship to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health centers.

Therapy dogs may also be seen visiting libraries and schools to “listen” to young children read. In addition to basic obedience training, therapy dogs need special training to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen® Certificate Test (CGC) and Therapy Dog International requirements before entering a therapy dog program.