Therapy Outing

04/18/2023 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Discovery Village Retirement Home
Address: 11330 Countryway Blvd, Tampa, FL 33626, USA

Our visits to Discovery Village and Aston Gardens Assisted Living facilities in Westchase continue to be a heartwarming experience as we share our trained dogs with the elderly, their families, and other residents who live there.

It is profoundly moving to see how dogs have the ability to help calm and soothe elderly individuals while lifting the spirits of those who are sad and lonely. Our visits provide a medium for physical touch and a display of affection for the residents. The mere presence of a dog raises the spirits of a person and the petting and touching the fur provides a wonderful experience to express their affection.

This outing is open to our intermediate and advanced clients.  We begin at Discovery Village Assisted Living facility in Westchase at 1:30 pm and then proceed to Aston Gardens Assisted Living facility (a mere 5 minutes away) at 2:30 pm.

Please contact the office if you desire more information.