Get a headstart!

Inghram’s Sit ‘N Stay Dog Academy’s accepts puppies at 10 weeks old. Puppy training is a vital and necessary component of a well-adjusted, well-behaved dog. Just as children need rules and guidelines before they reach 5 years old, so does your puppy! Start training at 10 weeks and you will have provided your puppy with the foundation and basis to make it a wonderful, enjoyable and obedient family member.

Get to the source…

Problem Solving

At Inghram’s Sit ‘N Stay Dog Academy, we know that your dog or puppy can display a number of behavioral problems such as eliminating inside, ceaseless barking, jumping, destructive chewing and even nipping & biting. Although these things are often stressful to the humans in the family, it’s important to understand that your dog is behaving in a way that makes sense to him.

We train owners to understand the driving force behind  the unwanted behavior and how that behavior is being reinforced by your dog’s environment. At Inghram’s Sit ‘N Stay Dog Academy, we employ both classical and operant conditioning to change your dog’s reactions and choices.

Don’t make the mistake of hoping that these types of problems will simply disappear or be outgrown.

Fearfulness and aggression usually escalate over time and become triggered more easily. These animals need special care. If you believe your dog belongs in one of these categories, give us a call.