Let us care for your love ones.
We mean pets!

A great, new alternative to leaving your pet “home alone” during the day is to enroll them in Sit ‘N Stay Doggie Daycare.  It’s a healthier and more satisfying way for them to spend the day. They will be able to frolic and hangout with a great group of furry pals who are closely supervised by our staff.  Sit ‘N Stay Doggie Daycare is a fun, safe, and interactive program for your dog.

They can play ball, tug-o-war, run free – inside and out, or catch a snooze on the lap of one of our loving staff.  And you can go to work having the peace of mind that your furry family member is getting great care and exercise while having a lot of fun.

Sit ‘N Stay Doggie Daycare can be the right home away from home for your dog, providing him with quality care as well as peace of mind for you. Since it’s so important to find the right kennel, we’ve provided some tips on choosing the boarding facility that’s right for you and your pet. Sit ‘N Stay Doggie Daycare provides the highest level of standards when it comes to your pet!

*Visit the daycare setting and make sure it appears clean. It shouldn’t have a strong “doggie” odor and any accidents that happen should be dealt with right away. You should be able to drop in and take a look unannounced and expect to be welcomed. If you aren’t, look for another facility.

*Health should be a priority for the facility, meaning that proof of vaccinations or titers must be shown before your dog can attend daycare.

*Do you have a veterinarian that provides services to your facility for emergencies 24 hours per day?

*Will you contact me if an emergency arises?

*How often is fresh water offered to my dog?

*How often will my dog be fed? Do I need to bring my bowls from home?

*What do you do when you have a dog that is aggressive towards people or other animals or a dog that is afraid to be left alone?

*Will my dog get to play with other dogs?