Available Dogs


This is Luna. She is a 2 year old female Dutch Shepard. She is super trained. A top of her class kind of gal! Luna can abide by commands on and off leash. This young girl is extraordinarily sweet natured and charming, but don’t be misled, this love-bug LOVES to work! She can do our complete obstacle course, including the 6t wall! She has the potential to be a great companion and potentially progress to be a trained service animal. She has already begun preparations to becoming a service dog. Luna will go to a home where she can have a job and serve her companion in order to feel fulfilled and proud. If you are interested in learning more about Luna and meeting her, please contact Sit n’ Stay Dog Academy directly.

Kodak aka Kody

Meet Kodak! Kodak is a 3 year old neutered Rottweiler. He is a typical Rotty! Smart, good-natured, assured, fearless boy. He is everything you would want from a family dog or as a companion. Kodak is advanced off-leash obedience trained. He is great with bigger kids and big dogs, but could potentially bump over a tiny toddler! If you want a large breed dog that will be your devoted and strong companion, learn more about Kodak and setup a meet and greet with Sit n’ Stay Dog Academy directly.

August aka Auggie

Meet August aka Auggie! August is a 2 year old neutered male Rottweiler. Fully advanced off leash obedience trained and has begun public distraction training as well.  He was raised and trained with SNS, with the intention of placing him as a service dog to the right person in need. He’s extremely smart, great with kids and other dogs. If you have a need for a service animal and would be interested in becoming a team with Auggie, contact our office directly to learn more.


Meet Dallas! He is a 6 year old male, lab/pit mix. Dallas is 72 lbs. He is fully advanced obedience trained. Dallas is extremely smart and has quite the sweet, charming disposition. Dallas needs a firm leader as he has a strong personality. He will need to be the only dog in the pack or potentially paired with a large female dog. He has a history of fence fighting and may be reactive to other male dogs. If interested in meeting Dallas and finding out if he may be a good fit for your family please schedule a visit to meet him at our location. You can contact SNS to learn more or you can begin an adoption application by submitting to the Big Dog Ranch Rescue.


Meet Anya, the 1 year old pit bull. She comes from a very rough background. Found on the side of the 275 highway in the woods. She was brought into the county shelter with severe demodectic mange, so they reached out to a local rescue for help. Anya is a sweet and playful girl but does have some behavioral quirks. Therefore, she has been working with SNS and her foster family to be able to set her up for success. We have noticed some resource guarding (mostly around food) and fear aggression when meeting new people or strange dogs at time, so her training is imperative to be able to work through those trouble spots. However, she has been showing much progress. Her training is included in her adoption and will continue with adopters for her lifetime. It is preferred that she is the only dog or with another dog that is well-balanced and can be introduced to properly. She will require a family with prior dog handling experience that will continue her training and stay consistent. She is definitely not perfect but is a good and smart girl that needs the right adopter who is willing to continue to work with her and the trainers. If you are interested in learning more about Anya, you can reach out to SNS or email animalluvrsdreamrescue@gmail.com

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