Our Commitments

Inghram’s Sit ‘N Stay Dog Academy is dedicated to providing quality solutions to fit your dogs’ needs. At Inghram’s Sit ‘N Stay Dog Academy, we understand how important your dog is in your life. We also understand how important it is to have a well-trained dog.

Our training and expertise is second to none.

You will appreciate our humane and caring methods. We present a clean, sanitary facility with expert professional trainers who enjoy their work and most of all, love dogs. Not only do we help dogs learn good behavioral skills, we also teach owners how to properly communicate with their dog; the result is a well-behaved, obedient member of your family.

Mr. Inghram fully understands the various temperaments of dogs and designs a customized training program to obtain the best results.

No problem or issue is too difficult a challenge for him. Due to his keen sense of insight and natural training techniques, he has been instrumental in turning potentially tragic situations into happy endings. Mr. Inghram has devoted most of his life to the love of dogs and believes that through his training program, he can assist you in giving your dog the best life possible. Once achieved, that perpetual bond between canine and human is priceless; isn’t that what it’s all about!